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We have the ability to replicate the real world, digitally. To capture our past, simulate it in the present so we can shape a better future. See the potential and project what’s possible with Extend AI driven, virtual spacetime platform.

Our mission

Extend AI’s mission is to combine our innate intuition with computing power. To create a growing partnership with artificial intelligence that turns potential into possibility, for the benefit of humanity.

The possibilities

Extend AI

Extend AI

Become superhuman by controlling both space and time on our A.I. platform. Look into alternate futures and make projections with real world data. Generate thousands of simulated environments from the smallest evolving genome to the largest living cities. The possibilities are endless, the potential yet untold.

Demo coming soon.


Pre-seed round

We closed our pre-seed round funding

With a total of $600K funding for A.I. research and prototyping the foundation of our platform.

Establishing a talent-rich team

We have recruited a group of talented tech pioneers who are committed to delivering the vision of an A.I. partnership, for the benefit of humanity.

Research already making important breakthroughs

Technology centred around capturing, modelling and processing the world in our A.I. spacetime platform is already being built, demo’d and used with real-world data.

We have built an end-to-end demo

Showcasing all parts of our prototyped platform, with a selected user case, we can demonstrate the potential in both technology and potential applications.

In the near future

A more feature rich demo

Taking the R&D learnings and breakthroughs, we are developing our demo 2.0. We cannot wait to share this with the world.

Opening our seed round

We understand the best relationships take time to build, we are due to open our seed round this year. If you are intrigued and interested, lets get in touch, we would be happy to show you more of what we are working on!


The Team

With a mantra of radical candor, we are singularly focused on delivering on our mission: To build a real world virtual spacetime platform in which to realize our potential, for the betterment of all of humanity. Our shared experience spans years in business, building software and artificial intelligence, from startups to corporations. Our goal is to make future possible, today.

Carl Chouinard

CEO & Founder

After spending years in San Francisco as an A.I. engineer and then CTO of The Grid, Carl became obsessed with understanding the relationship between our brain and its environment. He decided to go back home in the vibrant AI Canadian community and is now on a mission to build a company that will, through technology, extend people abilities to better understand and shape their environment.


A.I. Engineer

How can we use A.I. to extend our own creativity? This question motivated Vilson to research Computational Creativity during his MSc. in Applied Physics and led him to consult for companies like Google, Mozilla and The Grid. Now he joined Extend AI, with the mission to answer that question by using AI to better understand space and time.

Ghislain Proulx

Software Engineer

With 20 years of experience building software for startups all the way to billion dollars companies, Ghislain knows how to build systems that scales. As a divemaster and space exploration passionate, Ghislain knows how important it is to well grasp your environment. Extending our space and time abilities immediately resonated with him!

Extend AI culture



To make our vision a reality we are dedicated to create an environment where everyone involved finds meaning and fulfilment. We are firm believers that game-changing companies can only be created by game-changing people.

Culture is vitally important, our guiding principles are part of our weekly sprints, ensuring we continuously improve and adapt ourselves as well as the product. We also decided to open source it to share with others our weekly discoveries of the human mind.

Seed round

Seed round

We are opening our seed round in the coming months, if you are interested, would like to see the demo or learn more about Extend AI, talk to us!

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